Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello my dear students.

Now is your chance to give me feedback if you would like. I value your input on whatever aspect of the class interests you. Positive or Negative.

Please post in comments of this post as you or "anonymous" if you would like.

I value your feedback.


  1. The ticking time bomb reference at the end of class may have been one of the more relevant comments you had this semester. I do feel that we as a class are at a disadvantage for design 1. However, im not in design 1 yet, so i guess i cant make statements like that, although i just did. The semester was much more interesting then last semester, still, i dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. This goes back to the ticking time bomb. I guess the only way to really tell if the class had a positive impact on my education is to wait and see. Yes, my ideas progressed, yes you made me uncomfortable(which was your goal), at times very angry(probably not your goal). I can appreciate your effort to get me out of a typical architectural learning environment, and I think that on a certain level i agree with you on the discrepancies that are in our current educational system. My biggest problem was how you threw us into an "experiment" that you yourself said may be a failure. I hope for the sake of the class that it wasnt a failure, we dont need the labeling of "that" class by our peers and instructors. There were a lot of us in class that cared about these projects even though we disagreed with them, i think that really showed during the presentations. I also thought it was relevant to bring crits that are not in the field of design. After all what good are we as architects if we cant describe our project to someone who knows nothing about architecture. In the end I feel as though certain concepts from this semester will randomly pop into my brain(ticking time bomb),the lack of drawing instruction will not be a problem for the future, those who want to make great drawings will practice and do so on there own. Honestly I was frustrated with the second half of the semester, but maybe years from now I’ll come to appreciate what it was you were trying to get through to us. If I can ever figure that out.

  2. I could not stand this class at all. I do think you had some good ideas, but had no clue as to how to organize or structure them. The lack of structure really annoyed me. You say you wanted us to be out of our comfort zone, but I felt like I was taken out of my learning zone. I can't say that I learned much this semester. I don't feel ready for Design 1 and rightfully so. I have seen projects that other Fundies II sections were working on. Their concepts and designs were so far beyond anything we did this semester. Other students design, drawing, and craft skills are much further along than ours. I feel screwed.
    I understand not agreeing with the given course work. I understand trying to break free from the system. However, I also understand that a better plan needs to be put in place. I don't think you understand this. You overthrew the system and did not replace it with one. The second half of the semester was a failure. I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

  3. I'm grateful for the opportunity to provide feedback. After being immersed in this experiment for the past few weeks, I'm in need of an outlet.

    For me, the second half of the semester was primarily a success. It offered fertile ground for ideas whereas the previous curriculum didn't. That's always been a major concern of mine --- generating ideas. The rest, drafting, etc., falls into place quickly enough; but first you need that damned idea --- followed by research, trial & error. Given the chance to design a drag queen helped by freeing me up to draw "ridiculous" designs --- an experience I doubt will be repeated for a while. Access to other students' research was also advantageous.

    One obvious problem I had with this process was developing an information/idea overload. It's difficult to let go of ideas once they grow on you. I wanted to include them all . . . sorta like design ADD. But considering the alternative, struggling for just one idea, overload is not so bad.

    Now to address my new nemesis . . . Pecha Kucha.

    This is the most unnatural method of presentation I've ever come across. I felt ridiculous from the onset. It took years of experience standing before Planning Boards throughout the Island and tossed it right out the window. Confidence shot after stumbling by Slide 4 and unable to regain composure. Weeks of hard work also went right out the window.

    Kudos to the rest of the class for handling it so well. But for me, I felt it interfered with time originally designated for design. If I were to ever attempt Pecha Kucha again, it'd have to be after the design process is complete.

    [My kids comforted me by saying "If the video of your presentation ends up on You Tube it'll receive 4 stars since you only came close to passing out. If you actually passed out it'd receive 5 stars . . . they're disowned]

    I hate Pecha Kucha 20x20.

    Now I feel better . . . kids no longer disowned.

    I need to discuss the portfolio . . . when to submit it, and where. Will extensions be offered?

  4. Thanks for nothing, jerk.