Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello my dear students.

Now is your chance to give me feedback if you would like. I value your input on whatever aspect of the class interests you. Positive or Negative.

Please post in comments of this post as you or "anonymous" if you would like.

I value your feedback.

Monday, May 4, 2009

my picture and sentence

When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality. –Dom Helder Camara


please post in the comments suggestion if you would like me to contribute with a PK presentation of my own - the subject being the PROJECT. explaining the foundation and frame of the project.

it will probably be a PK-lite (half as long)

post in comments section yeah - nay. you don't have to give reasons, just yea - nay.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pecha kucha question

do we need to describe what the classes project is about. In other words does the begining of our pk have to be an introduction to the overall project? also do you have any do's and dont's for it? Things that we need to mention and maybe some things we can omit.

Friday, April 24, 2009

T munis 13 DAYS

To begin with – I am having trouble finding an off campus SPACE for the presentations. The location I was initially looking at did not work out. I found an alternate location – but is available May 8 (Friday). So that is an option, but only if EVERYONE is down with the change.

Additionally, if there is the desire within the group that something fun occurs afterward, I’ll need help/volunteers. I cannot do everything myself.

Also, I want to have a flyer/invitation for the EVENT - any volunteers (if more than 1 want to work on this, good)


So from what I saw last night – most of you are behind, and some of you should be worried.

If it wasn’t clear, the intention of “sketching/diagramming” as a technique is to generate A LOT of ideas/options. Then pick 1/a few options to develop. While I may have said I don’t care if you end up with a building – you should care. You are in architecture school and to not end up with a building filled with spatially complex/interesting spaces is a lost opportunity.

I am not sure if that was clear – so I am clarifying it now. It’s the desire that you move to REAL architectural drawings.

By now you all should have an idea of all you programmatic spaces pretty much worked out – circulation worked out, have ideas – be working on fa├žade.

Here is a list of important drawings you need if you wish to clearly explain your project.

SITE PLAN – explaining context in which the museum sits, and how people access/interact. This drawing establishes the RELATIONSHIP to the neighborhood. I would LOVE IT if someone would produce a FIGURE/GROUND drawing of the neighborhood – and when I say neighborhood; I mean ALL of red hook. (Is there anyone who doesn’t understand what I am asking for?)

CIRCULATION/PROGRAM – it is important that you have drawings that show how the building FUNCTIONS/OPERATES. How do people move through the building – what is happening where – etc.

SECTIONS – this is another drawing that shows how the building FUNCTIONS/OPERATES.

PERSPECTIVES – drawings that attempt to express the EXPERIENCE of the space.

Honestly, plans are not that interesting to look at. But you can’t just show “pictures” of your building you have to explain how it works through image. What is the INTENT of EVERY IMAGE. What is the INTENT of every little thing, in fact?


Do not do a “power point presentation” is my suggestion. You may use power point if you would like, but do not make a “power point presentation” - do you understand the difference?


Side note about orthographic drawings – I am sure you all have realized that at the scale you are drawing, it is difficult to figure things out – everything is too small, leaving no room for detail. This is a problem which you must figure out how to overcome. There are some very simple answers/ways, but you have to figure them out for yourself.


In class I discussed the strategies of “additive” vs. “subtractive” in the context of the existing building, remember?

Does your design process begin with an empty shell and add things, or do you begin with all the floors intact and remove them as you design.

Additive vs. subtractive.

In regards to the PRESENTATIONS it’s the aspiration that these blog post will be numerous enough that preparing for the presentation is a SUBTRACTIVE process – meaning you have too much stuff, and you need to distill it down. That’s the hope.

And if you haven’t watched any pecha kucha on-line yet, shame on you.


FOR MONDAY – bring EVERYTHING you have – not just stuff you want to show me. we are going to try something NEW Monday. I will not have a projector – we might be able to use the one upstairs. But I want you to be prepared to SHOW ME DRAWINGS as explanation – and not explanation with words.

If you are feeling COMPLETELY LOST – just do the drawings I have listed – don’t think, just DO.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I stopped checking my NYIT email - this occured at the time we removed the "hierarchy." I may or may not have mentioned that - use my personal email, which I believe you can access through the yahoo group.

So Bobby is meeting me at 5:10 - christine has apparently requrested a time.

Please post your time you would like to meet in the comments section of this post. We are going to be on a STRICT schedule of 10 minutes per person.

at 6 PM we will all be in the classroom meeting as a group for 20 minutes sharp. (those who want to meet, its not mandatory you come.)

and as an added bonus there will be a guest desk critic tomorrow, he may either contribute serially or in parallel.

so time slots should begin filling up between 5-6



5:10 bobby?
break & meeting

you get the idea. I will also meet with people before bobby but all times must be grouped, I want to work outward - in an efficient manner.

so post times you want in the comments. HERE

meeting up earlier

I know you said that we could email you if we wanted to meet up earlier on Thursday because we have established a studio that doesn't necessarily run within the perimeters of the classroom and designated time frame of the class...well I emailed you after class on Monday about meeting up earlier like you had asked but you never got back to I don't know whether or not to show up early tomorrow or not. Thought I would post on the blog just in case you check this and not your email. It would be nice to get a response, hopefully before its too late. Thank you.